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2 day(s) 2 Feb 2023(Thurs) ~ 1 Feb 2023(Wed)


Thai Massage 1hr. Select Person

Revitalize and Regain Strength with Thai Massage
Grace Spa's experienced therapists have magic in their hands. Their skilled fingertips
know how to apply precise pressure to your vein sites to relieve discomfort. Thai
massage can assist you to achieve healthy joints, skin suppleness, and stretchiness.
Connect with the Grace Spa staff to rejuvenate your mind and body.
Our therapists are certified and well-trained in their art of providing traditional Thai
Massage without oil and cream. This is a must-try massage for the travelers. So, let’s
relax and book the massage unit of Grace Spa for a soothing experience

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Thai Massage 2hr . Select Person

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Aromatherapy Massage 1hr. Select Person

Improve Your Mood with Relaxed Treatment of Aromatherapy
Combination of cedar wood, bergamot, chamomile, geranium, eucalyptus, ginger,
lemon, lavender, peppermint, tea tree, and orange are among the essential oils used by
our professionals in Grace Spa for Aroma Therapy. During your massage, the massage
therapist may diffuse an essential oil around the room or mix a few drops of oil into
massage lotion and apply it straight to your skin. Feel free to contact the therapists of
Grace Spa to get the treatment. Choose the mind-rejuvenating treatment for mental
stimulation from our experts of Grace Spa

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Aromatherapy Massage 2hr. Select Person

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Thai Oil Massage 1hr. Select Person

Balance Your Immune and Nervous System with Thai Oil Massage
Stimulate transpiration to strengthen the immune and neurological systems and speed
up the removal of excess water with Thai Oil Massage. You can eliminate toxins,
improve skin elasticity, and promote profound relaxation with the massage. Our expert
masseurs are ready to help you. Are you ready to experience the new relaxation? Feel
Free to connect with Grace Spa experts for the therapy and treatment.

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Thai Oil Massage 2hr. Select Person

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Sport Massage 1.5 hr. Select Person

Start Boosting Up and Strengthening Your Body with Sports Massage
Plan to improve circulation, tissue suppleness, and muscular tension reduction with
sports massage. Tight muscles can also be relieved with sports massage. Our experts
in Grace Spa can help you reduce flexibility, increase discomfort, and increase the risk
of future injuries.

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Sport Massage 2 hr. Select Person

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Swedish Massage 1.5hr. Select Person

Our therapist in Grace Spa will normally begin by rubbing your back and neck, then your
legs, arms, hands, and even your feet in a complete body Swedish massage. A
pleasant head massage is occasionally included in this treatment.
One of the most popular forms of massages is the Swedish massage. It's done to re-
energize the body and boost general wellness. Percussion, kneading, vibrating, tapping,
and rolling are all used in this style of massage. To protect the skin from friction,
massage oil or lotion is used. Feel free to contact our experts in Grace Spa for a
relaxing Swedish massage

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Swedish Massage 2hr. Select Person

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Hot Stone Massage 1.5hr. Select Person

Get Relaxation to Ease the Tense Muscles and Damaged Soft Issues
During a hot stone massage, smooth, flat, heated stones are placed on specific parts of
your body. Our expert therapists in Grace Spa relax the muscles and increases
circulation, which further improves the health of the muscles. Our massage therapist in
Grace Spa can help in easing up your cells with their expertise. They are trained in
using the hot stones and stimulating the veins and cells

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Hot Stone Massage 2hr. Select Person

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Thai Herbal Hot Compress 2hr. Select Person

Get the Thai Herbal Hot Compress Therapy from Experts
The organic herbs of Thai Herbal Hot Compress help in managing anti-inflammatory,
and muscle relaxant effects. The massage therapists use the stacking pot to relief the
pain of the body.
Our expert therapists in Grace Spa use compression balls as health-promoting herbs.
The experts in Grace Spa use hot compressed stone and herbs while massaging your
body. Get relief by booking an appointment in Grace Spa.

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Easy Slimming 1hr. Select Person

Shape Up Your Body with Easy Slimming Therapy
If you are thinking that you can’t cut down fat with massage therapy, then you are
wrong. Deep tissue massage encourages lymphatic flow and circulation, which aid in
detoxification and weight loss as well.
Our expert therapists in Grace Spa are ready to guide you with collagen and spa
therapy for slimming down. Reducing the weight is easy now if you connect with our
certified therapists.

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Healing Therapy 5 times (2hr/time) Select Person

Heal Your Pain and Nerve Tissues with Healing Therapy
During a massage, healing is increased to help repair the damaged muscle. So, our
therapists knows how to relief your muscle tightness and tension. The certified
masseurs in Grace Spa reduce pain and stress and increases physical and mental
With the help of healing therapy, our experts in Grace Spa can help in managing the
functionalities of your tissues and nerves. Heal your body with healing terapy by
booking us now!

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Body Scub 1hr. Select Person

Clean Up Your Body with Body Scrub Treatment
Increase your skin cell turnover that results in smoother and brighter skin with the help
of body scrub treatment. Our therapists in Grace Spa take you to the therapy room for
the treatment with the spa scrub.
Natural substances like clay, sugar, coffee, salt, or nutshell husks are commonly used in
the scrub therapy by our experts. Contact Grace Spa to manage body scrub treatment.

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Facial Scrub & Treatment 1hr. Select Person

Try Facial Scrub and Treatment to Get Radiating Skin
Our therapists in Grace Spa help in dealing with skin hydration and treatment. The
therapists can help in cleaning the pores of your skin. Facial scrub works gently on
exfoliating dead skin cells with clogged pores and acne breakouts. Not only do face
scrubs reduce acne breakouts, but they can also give you a brighter, more even
complexion. If you want a radiating skin, then book the session for facial scrub and

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Foot Massage 1hr. Select Person

Use Foot Massage Treatment to Get Clean and Healthy Feet
Your feet, like your neck, back, and shoulders, can benefit from frequent massage. So,
you can choose the foot massage treatment from our expert therapists to get smooth
feet. Connect with the Grace Spa staff now to have a relaxing and pleasant foot

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